While iPads are the rage and the absolute best selling tablet at present time, not everyone has the big bucks to buy an iPad. Most tablets are considered pricey at the $400+ price range. That leaves a largely underutilized tablet market virtually untapped! This underutilized tablet market is for the numerous Chinese and Taiwanese Android tablets that don’t have the big brand appeal of Apple’s iPads for example.

Some of these no-name tablets have dual booting capabilities and can run both Windows and Android operating systems. Others are unlocked (not tied to any certain cell phone carrier) and have the ability to allow the user to insert a prepaid GSM sim card to surf the Net anywhere there’s a signal!

Typically, the cameras on a no-name tablet are not as powerful in the megapixel department as say an iPad or a Asus Transformer tablet. All in all, I’d say the biggest advantage is the lower price, but do your homework because the no-name tablet you’re looking at may have bad reviews.

Check YouTube and Google (search) for further info on what brands of no-name tablets offer you the best bang for your buck!   Bookmark this blog for upcoming reviews of some decent to great no-name tablets! Thanks for stopping by!